Kawaii Kon 2014

When we first decided to take the Mfn Top brand from doodle to reality, it was, in part, thanks to our excellent procrastination skills. We'd been sitting on the doodles for months, when it dawned upon us that we had access to an Artists' Alley table at the upcoming Kawaii Kon event just 4 weeks away. Kawaii Kon is Hawaii's premiere Japanese animation convention -- an annual, 3-day event, bringing together more than 6,000 attendees across all ages. We realized this would be the perfect opportunity to get our act together, launch the brand and get our products in front of eyeballs with a penchant for cuteness. 

Believe us, 4 weeks isn't a lot of time to go from zero to a fully-functional business! And while things didn't go off without a hitch, we're happy to say that not only did we have our launch collection in time for the event, but we also made some new friends, got some exposure, and sold a few shirts!

It was so much fun (although we all passed out as soon as we got home on the last day). Thank you to everyone who came by our booth to talk, to hang out, to peruse, or to make a purchase! We appreciate the support -- from those of you who proclaimed as you walked by, "MFN TOP! Cute!" to those of you who rocked the mfn at the convention. We look forward to seeing you at Kawaii Kon 2015.

We didn't have the chance to take too many photos of the wonderful costumes that stopped and walked by our booth, but we did take a few photos of the booth and a few people who supported our business. Check out our Kawaii Kon Album on Facebook.

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