Up, up, and away!

We started as just a doodle in a notebook and a play on words.

We may or may not have been eating muffins in the meeting of our conception, but certainly it had not escaped us that muffin top has more than one meaning. Sure, there are the delectable baked goods that feed the belly, but there is also the belly that protrudes over one's pants to emulate said baked good. And beyond that, if we changed the spelling of the word to MFN, does that not also make it sound like "muffin" could be a dirty word?

With all that considered, our doodle has morphed from ink on paper to ink on fabric -- and we hope that it's just the beginning!

We'll be sure to keep you in the know about what's going on here at Mfn Top. We're just a baby mfn now, but with your support and a bit of luck, this is more than just the beginning.

-Monchalee, owner.


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